4 January 2018
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11 December 2017
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It’s an honor to announce that HUGHES has made the #BlackList2017. The script is about none other than the brilliant John Hughes (who introduced my parents to one another by writing Some Kind Of Wonderful — I wouldn’t be alive without him.)

1 December 2017
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30 November 2017
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Erica is an unapologetic vigilante. She punches, she steals, she breaks, and she enters. She evades the cops — until she can’t. Her mother, played by Kathryn Hahn, her step dad, played by Tim Heldecker, and a mysterious male friend, played by Adam Scott, seem oblivious to Erica’s machinations. Until, of course, they can’t. All actions have an opposite and equal reaction.

The plot revolves around Erica’s relationship with her step brother, Luke, played by Joey Morgan. Luke is declared “mentally unstable,” which makes their relationship all the more curious. This is all rather heavily guarded in the teaser, which is more a study of Erica’s explosiveness rather than her relationships. (A fun fact: Dylan Gelula, who plays Xanthippe on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, also appears in the movie.)

Deutch, who starred in Before I Fall, has a preference for strong women characters. Her character Sam in Before I Fall was just as prickly as Erica.

“She’s not this stoic, perfect, one-dimensional female character,” Deutch told Teen Vogue of her character. “She’s complicated. She’s a walking contradiction of herself. She’s not good. She’s not bad. She’s like the women I know.”

So, incidentally, is Erica. Watch the full teaser for Flower, below: